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Category : Games Sep 14th, 2013

Combine Mario Bros and Braid and this is what you get.
Use your time-rewinding ability to save the precious artifact from the vicious critters.

Rewind time for up to 10(!) seconds by holding the right mouse button or Left Ctrl.

While rewinding, the artifact will levitate upwards. Once it
reaches the vortex above the sun, you’ve won the game!

After you’ve traveled back in time you’ll be able to observe
the silhouette of your former self. Take note of this and use it to your advantage.

Make sure that the critters does not touch the artifact or it will break.
Manipulate the timeline to your advantage!

Made for the 27th Ludum Dare game jam.

Play the latest version(WIP): Apotheosis

Entry page: Ludum Dare

Apotheosis gameplay video - Ludum Dare 27
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Amongst the Uncommon

Category : Games Jul 4th, 2012

My entry for 7DFPS.
7DFPS is a gamejam in which you create a first person shooter during the course of a week.
With Amongst the Uncommon, I chose to create a multiplayer deathmatch FPS.


In Amongst the Uncommon, paintball-shooting robot shamans come together to play some hardcore paintball.
Use the awesome power of paintballs to convert the creatures of the world to your side, and use them to crush your opponents.



Entry page:

Download Amongst the Uncommon (Windows)
Download Amongst the Uncommon (OSX)
Play in browser (Unity Webplayer)


#7DFPS - Development timelapse and gameplay (Amongst the Uncommon)
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The Tiny Gryphalope

Category : Games Jul 4th, 2012

This game began as an entry to Ludum Dare 23, a competion in which you have to make a game in under 48 hours. The game ranked 5th in the graphics category.


This was the first time I participated. The Tiny Gryphalope is a fantasy-themed 3d shoot em up, in which you’re controlling “the tiny Gryphalope”(a gryphon-jackalope) through a dark tunnel filled with giant laser-spitting bug swarms.
Hovering around the Gryphalope are three different weapons, each with its own characteristics.


Ludum Dare entry page:


Download The Tiny Gryphalope (Windows)
Download The Tiny Gryphalope (OSX)
Play in browser (Unity Webplayer)


The Tiny Gryphalope - Fantasy themed 3D Shoot 'em up (Gameplay showcase)
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#LD48 Ludum Dare 23 - Timelapse (The Tiny Gryphalope)
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Category : Games Apr 4th, 2011

The first version of Io was developed as a school project and a proof-of-concept.
It is a puzzle platformer with a unique mechanic; a clay gun that can add and remove geometry in specific areas on each levels.
The clay gun is used to solve puzzles throughout the game.

Download version 1:
Download Io v1 (puzzle platformer) 51.66 MB



Development of a version with completely malleable levels and a roguelike gameplay style was also started, but never finished.

Download version 2:
Download Io v2 (roguelike platformer, unfinished) 33.69 MB


Jarl Larsson
Alexander Brodén
Jesper Oskarsson


Io (Unity 3d indie game) - Early sneak peek of new gameplay, procedural dungeons
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[Archive 2005-2011] SoulHunter

Category : Games Jun 30th, 2010

My first completed game. This was a very long running project.


SoulHunter is a 3D adventure game with sword-based hack- and slash combat. The main protagonist of the game, is kind of an anti-hero, a wretched creature that has lost its own soul. To survive, it has to consume the weak souls of the monsters inhabiting the large forest in which the game takes place.


Download SoulHunter (Windows) 110.38 MB


Visit the minisite:
Developer log: The Game Creators, forum thread



The Game Creators, first article

The Game Creators, second article


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SoulHunter, indie 3d adventure/platformer game. Teaser trailer
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[Archive 2010] Hyperion

Category : Games Jun 30th, 2010

Hyperion is an oldschool 2D platform shooter, being developed with SDL.


The main character in Hyperion is your typical astronaut, equipped with a modest, but none the less lethal plasma-arm-cannon. The premise is as simple as it is brilliant; stranded on a lush forest planet inhabited by blood-thirsty aliens, you have to survive your way through the level until you reach a magic space-crystal.


A level editor is built into the game, allowing you to create levels from scratch. The two levels in this demo were made using the built-in editor. The game is a work-in-progress, and the demo is currently available for Windows and the handheld GP2X (more platforms may be added later).


Download Hyperion Demo (Windows) 5.99 MB


Download Hyperion Demo (GP2X) 5.49 MB


Visit the minisite


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Hyperion (wip), an indie 2D platformer (SDL game for Windows and GP2X)
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[Archive 2010] Pterosaur shmup

Category : Games Jun 30th, 2010

A simple 3d shoot ‘em up I made in Java ME.


The game features a pterosaur(possibly a Pteranodon longiceps?) with laser cannons mounted on its back, fighting off an invading alien force.

The game requires a device(a mobile phone for instance) with Java ME support, MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 and pretty good specs.


Download Pterosaur Shmup Demo (JavaME) 858 kB


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Pterosaur shmup - indie cellphone 3d game (Java ME)
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[Archive 2005] The Digger

Category : Games Jun 30th, 2010

This is the story of the Digger and the Knights of Evil.


The Knights of Evil stole all of the Digger’s shiny crystals and scattered them over six different levels. Armed with a pair of motorized shovels it´s up to you to get them back!


Made in 2005 using Dark Basic Classic, this was my first true 3D game. You play as “The Digger”, a small creature that dig the lands for precious crystals. Featuring a deformable landscape, which enables you to not only dig for crystals but even trap enemies in holes.


The game was reviewed in 2005 by “The Game Creators”, creators of Dark Basic.

“Plenty of thought and attention to detail has
gone into this game, and that’s something
you see precious little of these days, and I
for one salute it. ” -The Game Creators

You can read the full review here.


I’ve made a minor upgrade to make the game work  in Windows Vista and Windows 7, see the “readme”-file for more details.


Download The Digger (Windows) 5.14 MB


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[Archive 2006] The Viking from Outer Space

Category : Games Jun 28th, 2010

A prototype pseudo-3D game with destructible terrain.


With this game I wanted to achieve the kind of landscape deformation seen in the famous Worms series. The project was put on ice due to a harddrive crash.


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The viking from outer space
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